Year ahead astrology reading


YEAR AHEAD astrology reading



Personalized Forecast Year ahead

Detailed personalized forecasts and predictions for the WHOLE YEAR AHEAD. It explores the positions of planets during the year ahead and what they could bring you.

The reading tells you what to expect during the year and outlines all important aspects and periods specifically for you: periods good for enjoying in your LOVE LIFE, periods for BUSINESS opportunities, periods when you might expect some CHALLENGES, and other events that await you.

It also includes advice on possible solutions to overcome any hardship and enjoy your life. Global yearly predictions are too general and usually can’t help you personally. With this personalized reading composed particularly for you, you can translate the new year into a Good year.

What effects the motions of the planets are having on your life?

This session is focused on predicting, or examining how the planets' current motions are affecting your life. This reading is best for clients who have already looked at their birth charts and want to concentrate entirely on what is happening right now in their life and how the planetary energies of the present and the future are affecting them. Investigating when a transit will begin and end, when it will be strongest, and when its effects will wane can provide relief, ease, and clarity during times of stress, bereavement, or ambiguity. Technical aids: we discuss the most significant upcoming transits, secondary progressions, and solar arc directions. Investigating your recent and upcoming solar returns is part of this.

To gain my insights for transits reading, I use astrology software Planet Dance, TAROT CARDs, Numerology, and a few more approaches.

year ahead astrology reading

What happens after you order and pay for your reading(s)/consultation(s)?

After you purchased reading, I will contact you by email to get Your Birth data (time, date, month, year, place of birth)

ALL astrology readings LIVE and written are done by me personally, and it takes time and energy. Turnaround time is 2 days.

This is always timely and helpful, whether you order it for the new year, your birthday, or any other time you like.

Easy to read Book in PDF - price 27$ with several chapters that you will return to and read over and over again

Online LIVE readings 60 minutes - price 120$ via Zoom or Skype that include answers to your inquiries and thorough explanations of all astrology aspects

What you get

Transits position

Detailed transits table for THIS year with planets and aspects like trines, conjunctions, squares, sextiles...
We choose the best dates for any activity or project during the year
We highlight auspicious dates

Astrology Aspects

Detailed table with planets and aspects like trines, conjunctions, squares, sextiles…
In astrology, squares are frequently seen as the most difficult, uncomfortable, or demanding aspect.
A conjunction occurs when two planets in the sky are close to each other (within a few degrees, usually in the same zodiac sign).
When two planets are four zodiac signs apart, or around 120 degrees apart, they form trines. The planets will be in the same element—fire, earth, air, or water.

Astrological houses

Every astrological house has a deep meaning. 

In depth explanation of the HOUSES in your chart - different areas of your life

First house in astrology is about your image, your body, version of you visible to other people. 

Second house is about values – both material and non-material. It is about the things you own and use, but also about money. 


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In my work I use Planetdance software created by Jean Cremers


I base my readings on tropical astrology. After much research and testing, I discovered that Tropical astrology is more in line with the majority of the western world.

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