What is an empath?



What is an empath?

Empathy is often mentioned these days and in many contexts. There are many texts about empathy and empaths, and what is most important is that empathy is a part of being human. Empaths are people who are compassionate, feel sympathy for other people and deeply understand the sufferings, the issues, and the feelings of people they come in contact with. It is not easy to explain the mechanism of empathy. However, there are some main common characteristics of being an empath.

Feeling other people’s feelings – when an empath meets a person, they immediately feel their mood, whether they are positive or negative, whether they are inclined to behave in a positive or in a negative way, whether they are aggressive or peaceful. Empaths will know right away whether you are having a bad day or a good day – you don’t even have to say anything.

Feeling the mood of the room – when an empath walks into a room, they can immediately tell if the energy and the vibration of the room is positive or negative, if the collective feelings and moods are good or bad. They can also immediately tell if something has happened in the room previously, even if the people are not talking about it.

What is an empath

Able to listen – they are truly amazing listeners because of their ability to deeply understand the problems. This is why they are true friends, so if you have a friend who is an empath, you are really blessed – they will always be there for you. Call them at any time and they will find a way to reach you even if they are busy.

Want to help – not only will they feel what you are feeling, but they will feel an urge to help you, to make things better, to stop the bad things from happening. Empaths are able to truly sympathize with other peoples’ problems so they will most certainly honestly want to help you. They will go out of their way if that will make things at least a bit better.

Know when you are lying – they are a human lie detector, so try and be honest with them. Even if your story is completely logical and makes sense, they will know if you are lying. Also, if you are telling the truth, even if it sounds illogical, they will know if it’s the truth. This makes them good detectives and they are often found in such lines of work – private or otherwise.


Empathy is a blessing (although some empaths sometimes may feel it as a curse), and it is a particularly human characteristic. Sometimes it needs developing, it takes some effort, but it is certainly worth developing it. So, if you are still wondering what that funny feeling that you have about people or places you visit is – you might be feeling at least a bit empathetic. Treasure this feeling, and help other people if you feel the urge – the world needs as many acts of kindness as possible. Be a part of the circle of humanity.

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