Positive affirmations

positive affirmations 

How to benefit from positive affirmations

What are positive affirmations?

How to benefit from positive affirmations

If you think about it, affirmations are already a part of your life. You probably talk to yourself during the day, telling yourself nice or not-so-nice things (negative affirmations). Positive affirmations are, of course, much more useful and, if used properly, may help you live a much better life than it is the case now. It is possible to turn your life around completely with the carefully planned and properly used positive affirmations.

Here are some tips to benefit from positive affirmations:

Think deeply and carefully about what you really, truly want your life to be like. Take your time with this step if you don’t want to end up with a life you don’t like, a life someone else wants, and a life that is just not to your taste. It is important to think through all the scenarios you would like to live up to in reality and see if you really want to make them happen. So many people live a life someone else wants and are nevertheless not happy. You need to figure out what YOU want from life.

Write down on a piece of paper at least 10 positive sentences describing the life you want to live. They need to be in present tense, like:

I am loved

I am appreciated

I live in a beautiful house with my loving family…

positive affirmations for spiritual awakening

Put them where you can see them – on the mirror in the bathroom, in the bedroom next to your bed, you can even put them in your wallet but in the compartment where you take the money from so that you can see them when you take the money from your wallet. Don’t hide them. You need to be exposed to the positive affirmations as much as possible.

Think about them during the day, especially when the bad thoughts start to invade your mind. Repeat them in your mind or out loud as many times during the day as possible. You can even repeat them during meditation, or while you’re drifting off to a dream land. They should be the first thing you think about in the morning, too.

The goal is to replace the negative affirmations in your head and in your life with the positive ones. Transform the negative thoughts into positive thinking. Keep in mind that this is a process and that it takes time, so don’t be discouraged if you catch yourself thinking negatively during the day. Just repeat the positive affirmations and, in time, you will most definitely succeed to replace all the negative thoughts you have. When you manage that, you will see your life change too and you will even be able to change the lives of the people around you. The benefits of positive affirmations are unlimited and you can immeasurably improve the quality of your life with them. Your health, your every day routine, your wellbeing will improve in so many ways that you will never stop using them. All you need to do is start, believe in the process, and don’t give up after the first obstacle.  

Spiritual awakening is a process, a way of life.