Natal chart Astrology

natal chart ASTROLOGy

NATAL CHART astrology readings


Natal chart - order your natal chart

1. Natal (Birth) chart diagram

You will get Detailed NATAL CHART map with explanation of every astrological house. Birth or natal chart is the basis for all other astrology readings. With the precise time of your birth, I can calculate the position of planets in your natal chart more accurately and provide a more in-depth personal reading for your needs.

2. Sun sign - A full explanation of your INNER SELF

3. ASCENDANT- The exterior you

4. Moon – your sensitive, emotional side

5. Venus – your romantic side

6. Jupiter – your strengths

7. Saturn – your challenges 

    CHALLENGING ASPECTS – find out combinations of PLANETS, aspects      like TRINES, CONJUNCTIONS and SQUARES and how to resolve them.

8. KARMA -North and South nodes

    KARMA - Where is your Saturn and your North and South Nodes that      are related to your Karma.

9. ASTROLOGICAL HOUSES - different areas of your life

THE EXACT MINUTE YOU WERE BORN MATTERS - I use astrology software to get real-time, real-data. With help of several astrology software, I can be sure that your natal chart is accurate.

KEY MOMENTS IN LIFE -This chart reveals the most important events in the person’s life – past, present, and future.

natal chart astrology

What happens after you order and pay for your reading(s)/consultation(s)?

After you purchased reading, I will contact you by email to get Your Birth data (time, date, month, year, place of birth)

ALL astrology readings LIVE and written are done by me personally, and it takes time and energy. Turnaround time is 2 days.

Easy to read Book in PDF - price 27$ with 9 chapters that you will return to and read over and over again

Online LIVE readings 60 minutes - price 125$ via Zoom or Skype that include answers to your inquiries and thorough explanations of all astrology aspects

You are more than your ZODIAC SIGN. The universe is full of energy that affects us. A detailed NATAL CHART describes all these mutual influences of the planets on us.


In my work I use Planetdance software created by Jean Cremers


I base my readings on tropical astrology. After much research and testing, I discovered that Tropical astrology is more in line with the majority of the western world.

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