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AQUARIUS Personality

The element of air combined with the fixed quality gives progressive and original people. Their unpredictable character may lead them in various directions in life and they often find themselves alone. Other people admire them, but are not always ready to follow them. Authority figures are the worst enemy for them as their freedom is the most valuable possession they strive to obtain during life.

AQUARIUS love compatibility

Aquarius – you should let that starry Leo come to you. You know you’re the smartest person in any room, but Leo might just outduel you with charm and glamour. Don’t be angry with yourself you fell for it so easily – you need that glorious energy to make you even smarter, in a way.

How is an Aquarius love life?

When it comes to love, Aquarius could be hesitant. Even when they have strong feelings for the other person, love might make them feel stuck or afraid of the future. Despite enjoying flirty interactions and being in long-term "friends with benefits" partnerships, this is a trait shared by many people.

When in love, an Aquarius is a force to be reckoned with. Even though they are frequently reluctant to commit because they need to be certain of your mental compatibility and that you will give them at least some degree of independence in the relationship, once they do, their strong romantic tendencies make them intense lovers. They are a lot of fun to love because of their zest for life and constant search for spice.

Aquarians are highly intelligent and like stimulating conversation. Be prepared for lengthy discussions and a gradual transition into cooperation. Although Aquarians are not recognized for being superficial, this perception may arise simply because of the topic-hopping in their interactions. Even if it's unlikely that they're doing it on purpose, it makes their love partner dependent on them. Since you never know what will say next while you're speaking with an Aquarius, the conversation keeps the time from passing too quickly.

love horoscope aquarius

What is the soulmate of an Aquarius?

Being cerebral Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius are a horoscope match made in heaven. Gemini, like Aquarius, has a seemingly insatiable need for information, which Aquarius admires. On the other hand, Aquarius has the capacity to channel Gemini's restless energy into a sophisticated purpose.

Since both Aquarius and Sagittarius value freedom and personal development, they complement one another beautifully. Sagittarius is autonomous, just like Aquarius. When Sagittarius decides to embark on a solo journey or when Aquarius needs some alone time to reflect on the nature of the universe, there is mutual understanding.

Libra learns to be accepting of the idea that anything is possible from Aquarius. This pair is in their element as artists! They instantly "get" each other since their Suns are trined in the air element. They are both excited and stimulated by their intellectual and romantic connection, and their shared morals inspire new ideas that broaden and improve their lives—and perhaps the lives of many others! Both signs can be zealots for the truth, justice, and a better world since they are idealistic and socially conscious. They communicate really well and have a genuinely positive attitude on life.

Who should Aquarius be in a relationship?

The friendship that an Aquarius has with their spouse is more important to them in relationships than romance or anything else. They won't have any trouble committing as long as there is platonic value in the relationship. An Aquarius finds it more difficult to ghost a relationship than it does to quit a friendship.

They frequently have high requirements when looking for a spouse they wish to commit to because getting married or settling down may not be a top priority. "They have a utopian vision for their relationship, just as they do for the world, and this is because they hold themselves responsible for upholding the same ideals.

Is Aquarius good in love?

Aquarius are free-spirited and yearn to soar to great heights. They are fantastic lovers because of this quality. They have a sharp mind that is full of ideas, and they support the intellectual development of their partners.

If they are truly in love with you, they will make sacrifices for you as well. They have one goal in mind—your happiness and the success of your romantic relationship—and if that means letting go of something, they will do it without hesitation.

Does Aquarius fall in love easily?

They frequently choose the community over a love partner or themselves. Not that Aquarius will never experience romantic love. Simply put, it takes a very long time.