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1. Natal (Birth)chart diagram

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2. SUN sign - A full explanation of your INNER SELF

The Sun is a symbol for the Self and one's perspective on the world. It can, on various levels, stand in for both the ego and the higher Self or soul goal. The Sun, which represents one's will and vigor, is the most significant 'planet' in the chart.

Because the Sun represents your inner self in astrology. It has to do with your true self. According to astrology, the Sun's sign and house can tell a lot about who you really are.


AQUARIUS, 20°22'01"


Sun in Aquarius in the tenth house trine Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the fifth house, gives the rulers of the twelfth (Mars), eighth and ninth (Saturn) houses the opportunity to acquire a good position in regarding career as well as good love relationships. It also gives the possibility of measured communication, assertiveness and the will to achieve exceptional results in the field of work and management. Opportunity to cooperate with people in high positions and people who already have some power in society and the community.

Their refusal to take the easy route is one of the distinguishing traits of persons born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius. When improvement and progress are on someone's mind, they may disregard traditional and archaic methods of thinking and acting. A lot of Aquarians want to break free from their own and other people's indoctrination. Theoretically adaptable, Aquarians can be unexpectedly resistant to change. Although they have a strong sense of idealism, they can be rather rigid in their beliefs.

3. ASCENDANT- The exterior you

When you were born, the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon is known as your rising sign or ascendant. Your appearance, attitude, and how you come across to others can all be impacted by it.

The Ascendant represents your social nature. Your rising sign symbolizes your physical appearance and personal style.


Ascendant is Gemini


Gemini rising people view the world as a place where they can learn. They are interested in those around them. Sounds like the rising sign of Sagittarius? Yes, it is, although there are some significant variations. Gemini is primarily focused in moving around in their social circles, whereas Sagittarius is more interested in broadening their cerebral and physical horizons. These are the kind of folks who enjoy conversing, mingling, and asking questions. People with the Gemini Ascendant are undoubtedly restless and frequently express themselves quickly, giving off the impression that they are impatient even when they are not.


ASCENDANT Gemini 16°16'


The first house, which corresponds to the sign of Aries, exhibits power, personality, personal attributes, appearance, physical form, individuality, and self-awareness. Beginning in Gemini, it provides the individual Mercury unpredictability, a young appearance, and boyish demeanor. People often retain a young personality attribute throughout their lives, but they can also be quite fickle and changeable, frequently changing their minds about things.

4. MOON - Your emotional side

Your moon sign is the zodiac sign that the moon was in when you were born. In contrast to your outwardly visible sun sign, it is the soul of your identity and a significant portion of your emotional side. It is also the subconscious element of who you are that you may want to keep concealed from others.

The moon stands for our primal emotions and impulses.

According to astrology, the deepest aspect of who we are that is difficult to adequately express verbally is represented by the moon.


VIRGO, 4°58'22"


Moon in Virgo in the fourth house square Uranus - Moon and Uranus in combination always give variability and surprises. It can be in terms of work or career, but also at home. It is in sextile with Jupiter, so this gives protection, resources and the opportunity to resolve everything without major consequences and repair it.

5. VENUS – your romantic side

The Goddess of Love is Venus. Venus is the joint ruler of Libra and Taurus in astrology. Venus is the planet that governs our emotions, our values, and our enjoyment of life. Venus is the goddess of grace, allure, and beauty. Venus teaches us about our preferences, joys, artistic tendencies, and what makes us happy.


CAPRICORN, 23°25'36"


Venus in Capricorn in the eighth house gives the possibility of inheritance, usually from a female person, but as it is retrograde, there can be a certain delay or problem in the process itself. Venus makes squares with all three planets in the fifth house (Mars, Saturn and Pluto), which only confirms that there are challenges in matters of the eighth house (ruled by Saturn), but also the fifth house (with love, with offspring) in which the planets are located. 

6. JUPITER – your strengths

According to astrology, the concepts of growth, expansion, healing, wealth, good fortune, and miracles are connected to Jupiter. Jupiter is in charge of long-distance and international travel, major corporations and wealth, higher learning, religion, and the law.


SCORPIO, 9°59'27"


Jupiter in Scorpio in the sixth house is the ruler of the seventh house (house of partnerships) and makes a square with Mercury and there may be a certain conflict between the person (Mercury is the ruler of the first house and represents this person) and his partner (business or romantic). With certain effort and restraint, they can get over it. Squares are active aspects and do not bring inevitability but the will to express the issue and also to resolve it. Sextile with the Moon gives the ability to resolve everything without major problems.

7. SATURN – your challenges 

Saturn is a planet that represents limitation and restriction in astrology. Where Jupiter stretches, Saturn tightens. Saturn's themes may initially appear sad, but the planet actually gives our world shape and significance.


LIBRA, 22°10'56"


Saturn in Libra in the fifth house is in good dignity, exalted. It makes a conjunction with Mars and Pluto and in a way represents a balance between these two powerful planets of action and will. It gives stability to the issues of the fifth house because it limits them in a way, and the very sign of Libra in which all three planets are located represents balance, harmony. The trine with the Sun provides support in building a career and allows it to take place slowly but always with progress.

8. KARMA -North and South nodes

North Node-South Node

The South Node stands for our excessively developed personality features. We are talented in this area, but if we overdo it or cling to these qualities out of security, we risk stagnating. The North Node highlights the traits we should cultivate in order to achieve inner harmony and fulfillment.


True North Node in Cancer

He is very good at organizing, supervising, and managing. He is learning to strengthen his inner base and embrace his need for nurturing both himself and others. His strategy is to reduce his propensity for over-planning his life and to slacken his bar for success. He finds that by doing this, he can accomplish his objectives more quickly. He gains the ability to believe in his gut. To be developed traits include submission and a desire to receive care or help.

 South node  Capricorn22°22' 

Capricorns with the South Node should allow themselves to be frail and deal with their insecurities and personal desires without fear.

They should prioritize their personal lives and families more than anything else, too. They can create a foundation for both their public life and their career by working with their inner feelings.

They can achieve happiness, balance, and satisfaction if they let their instincts take charge and put their aspirations aside.



AQUARIUS, 3°52'10"


Mercury in Aquarius in the ninth house is retrograde, so although it is exalted in this sign, it is not able to fully express itself. Communication is good but communication capabilities are not emphasized. This is the house of Sagittarius, where Mercury is not in a good dignity, so it gives certain problems when communicating with strangers. As it is square Jupiter in the sixth house, it can give problems at work, but also with a partner because Jupiter rules the seventh house. Sextile with Uranus gives sudden ideas for resolving the situations in which he finds himself. Flashes of inspiration appear out of nowhere and every problem is solved for mutual benefit.



LIBRA,  18°26'48"


Mars in Libra in the fifth house forms a conjunction with Saturn which always limits it in a way because Mars is a planet of action and Saturn always limits the planet with which it makes an aspect. The square with Venus is most often manifested through relationships with women and can give conflicts and various twitches because the energy does not flow freely. The trine with the Sun gives a nice flow in the field of career and the person can express himself well here, he is assertive and Mars supports a high position in his career in a positive way.






Uranus in Sagittarius in the sixth house square Moon gives sudden changes, but also decisions regarding work and family. Sextile with Mercury stabilizes matters and gives the opportunity to communicate everything in a peaceful and calm way for everyone's benefit.



SAGITTARIUS, 26°26'38"


Neptune in Sagittarius in the seventh house gives sublime love, but also a certain ecstasy and inability to see the partner in an objective way. The sextile it builds with Pluto gives stability in love relationships, which still requires effort.



LIBRA, 26°54'15"


Pluto in Libra in the fifth house in conjunction with Saturn gives magnetic attraction and infatuation, but also a certain coldness and limitations in love relationships. Sextile with Neptune in the seventh house enables the partnership to be built with effort and in time, but with mutual satisfaction.