Astrology consultation





Astrology consultation

Every year, you go through various stages. You are significantly influenced by the astrological aspects of trines, conjunctions, and oppositions. It would be really beneficial if you had counsel and a mentor who could forewarn you about the positive and negative aspects ahead of time. An astrologer who is available on demand is exactly that.

 You will receive natal chart, QUARTERLY FORECASTS and a transit reading, as well as an astrological reading for your TWO QUESTIONS EVERY MONTH.

All of this is available for only $ 8.25 per month - $ 99 per year (one-time payment), and the astrologer is available for a whole year till the same day the following year.

Astrology consultation - price 99$  (only $ 8.25 per month)

What happens after you order and pay for your reading(s)/consultation(s)?

After you purchased reading, I will contact you by email to get Your Birth data (time, date, month, year, place of birth)

ALL astrology readings are written by me personally, and it takes time and energy. Turnaround time is 2 days.

You will receive natal chart, quarterly forecasts and a transit reading, as well as an astrological reading for your TWO QUESTIONS EVERY MONTH.

Depending on your choice:

-PDF Reading will be sent by email.

-Online readings are either via Zoom or Skype 

What you get

Natal chart diagram

Natal chart diagram with planets position on your birth date

The position of each planet in the sign and house of your natal chart
Detailed explanation of ELEMENTS in your chart – Earth, Fire, Water, Air – relationship with family, friends, lovers

Transits position

Detailed transits table for THIS year with planets and aspects like trines, conjunctions, squares, sextiles...
We choose the best dates for any activity or project during the year
We highlight auspicious dates

Two questions every month

You will receive quarterly forecasts and a transit reading, as well as an astrological reading for your two questions every month.

You will have a counsel and a mentor who can forewarn you about positive and negative aspects ahead of time.


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