Advanced astrology

ADVANCED Astrology

What is advanced astrology?

You are proficient in natal chart interpretation, basic personality traits analysis, and planetary influence interpretation. It shows how to decipher planet combinations, difficult birth chart aspects like trines, conjunctions, and squares, and how to interpret combinations of planets. Any component of your (or someone else's) personality in the chart will be simple for you to understand once you have the knowledge you need. You'll find your untapped abilities and get a useful tool for daily life.

What Advanced astrology shows?

  • Why the first home is significant
  • The meaning of the ascendant
  • Moon significance
  • Venus and Love: Its Representation
  • signs of a marriage
  • several unions
  • Who would make the best partner?
  • natal chart of our forefathers
  • Career and work
  • What are some suitable careers for us?
  • Finances
  • Potential health issues
  • Saturn, the North and South Nodes, and Karma