About ME

About me

My name is Jasmine, and I'll try to explain to you the processes, tools, and logic behind the astrology readings I create.

Astrology software that I use

In my work I use Planetdance software created by Jean Cremers https://www.soulhealing.com/planetdance.htm

I use it because it is astrology program with a surprising number of capabilities. 

Planetdance is a great software and can create natal charts, antiscia charts, progressed, Return, harmonic, and synastry and composite charts, and progressed and transit biwheels.

Planetdance offers several listings: Fixed Stars aspecting natal planets, dozens of Arabic Parts, and midpoint trees, planet and house rulership chains, and monthly ephemeris pages. It can add major asteroids and transneps and Gauquelin sectors to charts, too.

Astrological techniques

Tropical astrology

The most widely utilized astrology is tropical astrology, which is also known as "Western Astrology." Astrology that gauges the sun's position in relation to the vernal equinox. The zodiac signs migrate around the sky relative to the vernal equinox by around one sign every 2150 years due to the precession of the Earth's axis, which is not compensated by this.


Sideral Astrology

A type of astrology known as sideral astrology measures the sun's position in relation to the stars. This makes up for the Earth's axis' precession, which causes the zodiac signs to shift in the sky with respect to the spring equinox. 


Tropical vs. sidereal

Sidereal and tropical zodiacs are the two most common methods used by astrologers to interpret the universe. Twelve signs make up the zodiac wheel in both tropical and sidereal systems. The location of those indicators in the sky is the main distinction between the two systems. The tropical system is based on where the stars were in the year 0 AD, whereas the sidereal system is based on the current positions of the constellations. In essence, although the dates of the tropical zodiac remain constant, those of the sidereal zodiac shift with time.

Tropical (Western) astrology – MY CHOICE

I base my readings on tropical astrology. After much research and testing, I discovered that Tropical astrology is more in line with the majority of the western world. With tropical astrology, the accuracy of the personality traits and features of the zodiac signs is unmatched.


Using the sort of astrology (sideral, tropical, etc.) that best fits you is another crucial part of astrological readings. Astrology is more than simply a set of tools; it also involves using your spiritual sense and knowing what is best for you.

Horary astrology - MY CHOICE for answering burning questions

Horary astrology is a traditional branch of astrology that bases its predictions on the moment the query is heard and comprehended. The astrologer creates a chart based on the "hot question of the hour" that the client wants answered rather than using the natal chart as a starting point.

The horary chart can be viewed as a clock that indicates all of the current dynamics of the scenario and how they will play out over time, according to the astrologer. The word horary translates to hour.

As soon as the query is posed, the birth chart is generated using the query's time and date. The astrologer will then determine the situation's nature by applying the following principles of traditional astrology: The questioner is represented by one planet, while the other factors will be represented by other planets.

Advanced Marseille tarot deck

I mostly utilize my advanced Marseille tarot deck to examine people's natal charts and prospective problems, along with Alejandro Jodorowsky's book, The Way of Tarot. I developed my intuitive Tarot reading skills with the advanced Tarot deck.


EMPATH - Zodiac sign Cancer

Being born under the zodiac sign of Cancer is advantageous to me because it relates to my inherent sensitivity. I knew I was an Empath as a child, and that I felt things around me much more intensely than other people. Astrology and tarot have enabled me to use my inherent empathy to help people.

I hope I've given you some insight into my journey to astrological knowledge and how I use my natural talent of empathy to assist others.

Contact me to get your natal chart read in full so that I may show you how powerful, loved, and capable you are of making a difference in your life.

Your astrologer Jasmine

empath zodiac sign cancer