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In today’s modern world, we forget to look back on what it is that drives us and makes us. Learning astrology makes us realize how to find inner self and how the COMBINATIONS OF PLANETS, ASPECTS LIKE TRINES, CONJUNCTIONS AND SQUARES affect us.

Now we have great software tools and real-time, real data from NASA which allows us to perform highly precise astrology readings.


Our astrology readings are so precise because we take MINUTES into account and not only place and date of birth. With the precise time of your birth, we can calculate the position of planets in your natal chart more accurately and provide a more in-depth personal reading for your needs.

natal charts

This chart reveals the most important events in the person’s life – past, present, and future. It is your soul’s map in this life and it reflects the moment of your birth to show you your life path. There aren’t two birth charts with completely the same positions of houses, planets in them, and aspects between those planets. Each one is unique, just as each person on our planet is. Only approximately once in 26,000 years a person with exactly the same position of planets is born.

prediction - planetary transits

 The monthly Planetary Transits astrology reading explores the positions of planets during the 3,6 and 9 months and what they could bring you. The reading tells you what to expect during the year and outlines all important aspects and periods specifically for you: periods good for enjoying in your love life, periods for business opportunities, periods when you might expect some challenges, and other events that await you. Global yearly predictions are too general and usually can’t help you personally.