When the going gets tough

We all have difficult moments in life. When we look through them, they appear to be there to stay indefinitely. When things go rough, it seems like they'll never get better. All of life's adversities are meant to teach us something and strengthen us.

It takes a lot of courage to persevere in the face of adversity. Difficult times occur on a regular basis, and they are never isolated incidents; there are always more of them.

When we read transits, we can see when those moments will arrive and how long they will last. Aspects of certain planets are tricky. These aspects occur multiple times a year on average, and the initial blow of those planets is always the most powerful.

My transits reading will help you gain strength to persevere and make it easier to navigate through a difficult period if you are going through one. Your power will return and everything will be simpler once you understand that there is an end in sight and how near it is.

The transit study will also reveal when the most gorgeous times of the year are approaching. Periods that are favorable for business, marriage, and love...

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